I am here to represent the metaphysical arts as a palmist! Unfortunately, during the past few decades this amazing science got a very bad reputation. 

Usually, when one hears of palm reading they imagine either an old toothless gypsy or a long, white haired magician in a turban holding a magic wand.
Palmistry is a science indeed. I find it fascinating that we can tell ones character and personality from a single handshake. Since I was a little girl I would look for the connection between the lines in a persons palm and their individual destiny.
My readings help clients connect with their higher self. With this connection and my guidance they begin to fully understand all of their amazing aspects and potentials and can then begin the inner work and self-development that is necessary to live a happy, full life. When the vibrations in your body and mind are in tune, whatever you need will come to you!

Consultation fee: $100/hour
Facetime consultation also available