Dream interpretation


Lots of literature incorrectly claim that each symbol seen in a dream  has a certain meaning but the correct fact is that for each person there  are different meanings to the universal symbols.

For example when I dream of the ocean it might represent home since I  live near by it but for someone who lives in the desert seeing the ocean  might mean something completely different. 

Here is another example, if a guy who knows how to ride a horse professionally and another guy who fears them saw themselves horseback riding in their dreams then both dreams will have completely different  meanings.  

 Also the images, situations and things that you come across before you sleep  or even few days before you have a certain dream might be the symbols  you see in the dream. 

 Another very common myth about dreams is that people think that they always reveal the future. While this might often happen , still in most  cases dreams either represent old suppressed emotions  or concerns about an ongoing situation and not the future .

Either way dreams are extremly important for your inner growth, also for your own evolution. 

I offer you to interpret your dreams so you would understand your path and potentials and you can manage all the challenges with the right tools and decisions,  so you could turn your life around.

Consultation fees: $20/ dreams 

Face-time: available