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Home Remedies

A century ago, simple home remedies were used to treat minor injuries, aliments and pains.

When a child scraped a knee, a through washing and a thin layer of honey on the wound did the trick. In time conventional medicine eclipsed many home remedies. 

Drinking herbal tea for upset stomach or stuffy nose gave it way to popping antacids and antihistamines instead. 

Recently , though, home remedies reclaimed the spotlight.

We are taking a second look at treatments  our grandmothers trusted.

With health care cost rising, doubts drug safety swirling, and many seeking ways to live a more natural life, I am here to guide you along with your specialist to lead a fulfilling, healthier life. 

My mission is to share my knowledge. Through my consultation you will learn how to grow medicinal herbs, how to use their properties for your health benefits and incorporate them in your daily routine.
You will learn how to use herbs for their best potential. You will learn how to make infusion, syrup, tincture, ointment and powder. 

Prevention is the most important thing when it comes to health. 

I can help you with the following:
1; this time of the year again; flu season; cough, headache , earache, sore throat 
2;overcome daily challenges  with children; toothache, bruises burns, cuts , splinters , blisters 
3;indigestion, constipation. diarrhea, gas
4;hormonal imbalance-prevent female organ related  cancer
5; inflammation; acute and chronic inflammation related diseases
6; skin problems; eczema, hives, acne , sunburn
7; how to overcome side-effects when you go clean of addiction

Consultation fee : $125/ 1,5 hours